Joel HoeltingJoel Hoelting

Full Stack Software Engineer

Joel Hoelting

I am a NYC-based full stack software engineer and AWS certified cloud practioner. I graduated from the Flatiron School in NYC where I gained a strong foundation in functional and object-oriented programming. I know multiple frameworks and languages, including Ruby, Python, Javascript and PHP. I love learning new technologies and enjoy adapting to shifts in the industry. My developer ethos: always be learning and always be coding.



  • javascriptJavaScript
  • nodedotjsNode JS
  • reactReact JS
  • reduxRedux
  • vuedotjsVue JS
  • rubyRuby
  • rubyonrailsRails
  • pythonPython
  • gitGit
  • githubGithub
  • amazonawsAmazon Web Services


  • nextdotjsNext JS
  • gatsbyGatsby JS
  • graphqlGraphQL
  • postgresqlPostgresQL
  • dockerDocker
  • gulpGulp
  • linuxLinux
  • gnubashBash
  • postmanPostman
  • figmaFigma
  • sketchSketch
  • adobeillustratorAdobe Illustrator


April 2018


Full Stack Web Developer

April 2018 - PRESENT

DBOX is an international creative communications agency that develops innovative, strategic marketing campaigns in the sectors of luxury residential, hospitality, commercial, and cultural property.

  • Develop sophisticated UI’s with React that integrate with internal API’s and external services like Contentful and Strapi.js
  • Rebuilt legacy node API from the ground up while revamping its documentation for future developers.
  • Eliminated unnecessary resources and restructured infrastructure on AWS, reducing monthly costs by 30%.
  • Automated development operations with AWS Cloudformation and Codepipeline, freeing up hours previously spent on deployment
  • Introduced a collaborative code review into the hiring process to better identify strengths and weaknesses of candidates.


September 2017

Code Nation

Coding Instructor

September 2017 - PRESENT

Code Nation equips students in under-resourced high schools with the skills, experiences, and connections that together create access to careers in tech.

  • Teach HTML, CSS and JavaScript to high school students in an underserved NYC-based high school.
  • Work closely with students to develop fundamental coding skills and empower them to pursue careers in technology.




Flatiron School

New York, NY

2017 - 2018

1000+ Hours Software Development Bootcamp with 6% Acceptance Rate.



    Hunter College

    New York, NY

    2012 - 2016

    Bachelor of Science, Economics



      Who Said It?

      Quote picking game w/ custom Rails token-based authentication

      Ruby on Rails, Vue.js, Vuex


      Repo Destroyer

      CLI app to quickly and safely bulk delete GitHub repositories

      Python, Click


      SPA for ROWDTLA, built w/ Gatsby.js and contentful

      Contentful, Gatsby.js, GraphQL


      Server-side SPA built with Next.js for Hudson Square Properties, NYC real-estate

      Wordpress (Headless CMS), Next.js


      SPA for 25 Park Row, interfaces w/ Express and Strapi API

      Express.js, Strapi, React.js


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